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Property Management

Personalised management services for properties in Brighton and the surrounding areas.
Whatever your requirements, we will provide a truly personalised service. With regular inspections and maintenance tailored to your exact specifications, we protect your home’s value and heritage while supporting your lifestyle.

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Personalised Property Management

We offer a dedicated, personalised property management service for any landlord who doesn’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves.

Your very own Property Manager will take the pain away from being a landlord, dealing with issues before they become nagging problems for you and your tenant.

A taste of what we do:

  • Rent collection, including ground rent and service charge payment

  • 24- hour emergency service

  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance to be carried out by our independent, vetted and competitively priced contractors

  • Pre-tenancy property visits and preparation, including as many visits to your property as you want us to make

  • Deposit collection and holding

  • Day-to-day property management and maintenance.

  • Acting as a point-of-contact for tenants

  • Transfer of utilities and bills payment


A personalised high quality experience is at the heart of what we offer.

Shaking Hands

Personal Service

You will have a primary point of contact who is  available seven days a week. We will take care of you and your property, meaning you can be sure that the person dealing with your property isn’t a stranger—it’s someone who knows your requirements and your property well.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Access to low cost maintenance personnel and cleaning staff who are fast, reliable and take pride in the service they offer.

Once your tenant has moved in, you’ll benefit from a team of people supporting you throughout your tenancy, from lease renewals to lightbulb changes. 

Buying an apartment


We go above and beyond to help maximise rental income of your property.

We advertise your property on all major portals.

And because a trustworthy tenant makes all the difference, we bend over backwards to find them, and keep them happy.

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Call: 07584438907

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